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Oil Change Service

We recommend 7,000 mile synthetic oil change intervals. As BMW engines age, tiny oil passages that increase oil pressure for the VANOS  system (BMW's variable valve timing) tend to get clogged with old burnt oil which can cause premature failure of engine components and excessive engine wear.

Our synthetic oil change services include new OEM oil filters and start at

$140 for 4 cylinder engines

$150 for 6 cylinder engines

$165 for 8 cylinder engines

*Prices may vary for M cars


Brake Service

Check brake lining light, brake squeal, or gritty brake pedal feel are reasons to have your brakes checked. As getting your brake pads checked and replaced in a timely manner may save you from having to replace rotors or damaging your brake calipers.



Brake service calculator coming soon!


Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Diagnostics are much more involved than simply plugging in a generic scan tool and reading codes. The right scan tool, resources, and knowledge are required to diagnose complicated European Automobiles depend on computer controls from running your engine to turning on your headlights.

Diagnostic rate



E39 control arm Picture

Suspension Systems

German cars known for their ride and handling prowess experience lots of suspension wear when driving over broken pavement and pot holes. NYC streets are a far cry from Autobahn!

Full suspension replacement can cost thousands of dollars. To keep cost reasonable our approach is to take the time to diagnose suspension issues and only replace necessary components to get your luxury vehicle back on the road at reasonable cost.


Collision and Body Work

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Considering a used European Automobile for your next car purchase?

You can save a lot by purchasing a used late model European car over paying full retail price for a new one. Avoid getting yourself into a money pit with a pre-purchase inspection. Our experienced mechanics know all common problem areas and will advise whether a car is worth purchasing, what repairs are necessary to make the vehicle reliable or if the seller is trying to hide major problems.

For us to conduct a pre-purchase inspection we need access to our shop equipment and the vehicle must be driven or transported to our facilities.

Pre-purchase inspection is only $175


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