Special Offers on BMW & Audi Service in Brooklyn

  •  3 series (6 cyl. models including X3 -
  •  5 series (6 cyl. Models) -
  •  5 series (8 cyl. models) -
  •  X5 (6 cylinder models) -
  •  (8 cylinder models) -
BMW charges $456.99* /Bimmer Special $228.49*
BMW charges $684.99*/Bimmer Special  $342.99*
BMW charges $635.99*/Bimmer Special $317.99*
BMW charges $524.99*/Bimmer Special $262.49*
BMW charges $570.99*/Bimmer Special  $ 285.49*

At BIMMER MOTORS we have BMW trained service technicians who know how to get your car ready for the cold weather ahead. Here are the specifics:

Our Winterization Special Specifics

Computer Engine Analysis-Run virtual engine doctor for diagnostic picture to see what fault codes have occurred. This will
let us know what may be wrong that isn’t noticeable yet.

Battery and Charging System - Check battery, alternator and belts to assure reliable performance during the cold when your car's electrical system will be taxed to the max.

Engine Oil-Eco-friendly oil change, including elimination/recycling of oil and filter. Motor oil is removed and replaced with new premium synthetic BMW oil. Oil filter is removed and replaced with new Original BMW filter and drain plug seal.


Antifreeze- Check condition of cooling system including hoses and coolant to maintain protection from freezing to -40o. Replenish or replace coolant as needed with Original BMW fluid. Thermostats are checked too, but there’s an extra charge if we must replace them.


Tires and Spare - Tire tread checked, snow tires (if equipped) installed, air pressure adjusted to specifications.

Heater, Defroster and Defogging System - Check for proper operation. Hoses and thermostat checked and replaced if necessary.

Windshield Wiper and Washer System - We add washer fluid and antifreeze, aim you washer nozzles (so the cleaner goes where you need it to!) check wiper blades (they don’t last all that long in New York air) and replace them if necessary (extra cost). We will also look over your wiper motor, washer pump, switch, hoses and nozzles and repair if we find something wrong.

Exterior and Interior Lights - In addition, we inspect your headlights, tail lights, fog lights, and side marker lights and put in new bulbs if need to be replaced. If your lenses are cracked, we’ll let you know because they may need to be replaced to prevent moisture penetration and freezing.

Check condition of lighting system, battery, brakes, steering system, suspension, tires, and any body damage. Security check of safety belts, condition and function of automatic-locking retractors, belt locks and belt buckles. Replace micro-filter; remove and reinstall front splash guard. Inspect and top off other fluids: antifreeze windshield washer, power steering, brake fluid and level control system.


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