BMW Suspension Bushings

BMW is known for making great handling world class chassis that offer a great driving experience as well. BMW makes very stiff cars, but manages to make them smooth and comfortable to drive thanks to the magic of bushings. Bushings are what allow three to four thousand pound steel structures to glide smoothly over imperfect roads. Bushings are made out of rubber which has been bonded to steel and are used to connect just about every component in the frame and suspension of your vehicle. The rubber dampens vibrations and allows for some flexibility, which allows your car’s ride to remain smooth over rough pavement. If your car didn’t have rubber bushings your car would have harsh vibrations from the engine, suspension, and the road surface. If it weren’t for your bushings you would feel every imperfection on the road and your steering wheel would fight you any time the road was uneven as all the joints in your car would be metal on metal.

The problem with bushings is that they wear out. The rubber deteriorates over the years, dry rots and cracks. The other way your bushings can fail is by the rubber tearing from aggressive driving or pot holes. A bushing that needs replacement will cause your car to clunk. It could be when you are turning, braking, or accelerating. Torn bushings can also affect your alignment which will prevent your car from driving straight which will wear our your tires and put extra strain on the rest of your suspension system.

Automotive bushings need to be properly replaced as they have a specific orientation for installation. Also before the bolts are tightened to specification the bushing must be preloaded to prevent it from tearing prematurely. If not installed properly your new bushing will fail within a year of service. That is why it is best to have them replaced at a reputable mechanic shop like Bimmer Motors.

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