BMW Software Update

BMW uses many computer modules to control multiple systems in the models they produce. Every BMW model the company produces there is software that interprets the readings from all the sensors and modules inside your car and makes adjustments to fuel, transmission, suspension, and engine controls to allow your engine to run optimally. If the computer detects that component is not working normally the computer will go into fail safe mode. This will make your BMW run rough and limit the car’s drivebility.

As these cars age, and components wear out they don’t work as well as they were originally intended to run. The various components might still be working well enough for every day driving, but might be slightly out of tolerance and can cause a check engine light or other issues. As BMW becomes aware of these issues they release updates for their cars that reprogram the software in the automobile’s computers to increase the range of acceptable parameters and allow the car to run properly with the new software update. This process requires having specialized computers and electrical equipment to perform this correctly as any mistake following the procedure can corrupt the data on the computer. If the data is corrupted the car won’t start as the computer will have no instructions for starting and running your BMW.

This type service should only be performed at a shop that specializes on BMW such as Bimmer Motors that has specialized in BMW over 40 years.

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