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Oil Change Service

To keep your engine running in top shape we recommend 6,000 mile synthetic oil change intervals. Changing your oil in a timely manner will prevent costly repairs down the line. Find out more...


Brake Service

Check brake lining light, brake squeal, or gritty brake pedal feel are reasons to have your brakes checked. As getting your brake pads checked and replaced in a timely manner may save you from having to replace rotors or damaging your brake calipers.

BWM Diagnostics and Troubleshooting System

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Diagnostics are much more involved than simply plugging in a generic scan tool and reading codes. When you get a check engine light on your BMW, Mercedes, or Land Rover the right scan tool, equipment, and knowledge are required to diagnose your high tech European Automobile that depends on computer controls to run everything from your engine to your tail lights.

Diagnostic rate



BMW Suspension

Suspension System Services

German cars known for their ride and handling prowess experience lots of suspension wear when driving over broken pavement and pot holes. NYC streets are a far cry from the Autobahn!

Full suspension replacement can cost thousands of dollars. To keep costs reasonable, we will carefully inspect and diagnose your car's suspension issues and only replace the necessary components. That way, you can get back on the road without hurting your wallet.

Collision and Body Work BMW Services

Collision and Body Work

Has your vehicle suffered and accident? Have some body work that you have been looking get done to make your car mint again? We offer full collision and body work services. We also work with insurance companies on claims.

BMW Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Considering a used European Automobile for your next car purchase?

You can save a lot by purchasing a used late model European car over paying full retail price for a new one. Avoid getting yourself into a money pit with a pre-purchase inspection.

Find out more about our Pre-Purchase Inspection service...

Carbon build up valve

Direct Injection Carbon Cleaning

Direct Injected Engines accumulate carbon on the intake and exhaust valves, which leads to misfires and poor engine performance. We offer valve cleaning to get your engine running in top form.

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Rim and Tire Repair

If you have a flat or leaky tire, stop by to talk about maintenance and repair. Our mechanics can repair your tires before you choose to buy expensive brand new ones. We can also take care of your car's alignment and tire rotation, repair bent and cracked rims, and refurbish your curb rashed rims so they look good as new.

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VANOS, Valve Seals, & Timing Chain Engine Services

Modern BMW engines tend to need some extra maintenance that require BMW specific knowledge and tools to be done correctly. Feel at ease that these complicated repairs are carried out by BMW specialists.