Getting Your BMW Ready For The Winter

As November is right around the corner winter is coming upon us and with that comes Thanksgiving, then we are in full swing for the Christmas season. Along with the holiday season we get the beginning of brutal New York winters. Freezing temperatures and potential snowfall wreak havoc on the roads and create new pot holes for drivers to enjoy. With that we recommend that you perform some maintenance items before the freezing temperatures set in to avoid surprise repairs.

Throughout the summer your BMW engine cooling system is under a lot of stress as it works to keep your engine cool and your air conditioning running. It would be wise to check the coolant fluid level and top it off with the proper BMW coolant. Make sure to check it when the engine is cold and you use the blue BMW coolant as mixing coolant types will cause problems which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. If you have the luxury of private parking in New York City, also check your parking spot or driveway for fresh wet stains as those will quickly let you know your European automobile is leaking something.

If your BMW is a daily commuter and you expect to drive in the snow it is very important to check your tires. Make sure that they have enough tread and your car is equipped with all season tires at a minimum and winter tires at best. If your BMW is new to you and you have yet to drive it in the snow make sure that your automobile isn’t equipped with summer tires as you will have no traction or grip in snow, sleet, or slush. As the weather turns colder it is important to check tire pressure as frigid temperatures can change internal tire pressure affecting traction as well.

Finally make sure that your heat and window defrosters work well. They will be very important for comfort and to be able to see out of your BMW. The difference in temperature from the cabin and the outside will cause your windows to fog up being b big driving hazard. It is always important to address small issues before they turn into big problems down the road.

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